Where to Walk

There are two sides to Walk Cabarrus. There’s the WALK side: promoting health and wellness through physical activity, challenging our community to reach Two Billion Steps, engaging current non-walkers, and providing the support they need to become regular walkers, combating childhood obesity in partnership with Children WIN, etc. Then there’s the CABARRUS side…

This side of Walk Cabarrus is about discovery. It’s about getting outside of your daily routine and exploring a new part of the community you call home. You may already have your usual parks and rec centers. You may not. But the one thing you do have is the ability to discover a new part of this great county. In fact, it’s right here on this webpage.

Click on any of Cabarrus County’s 5 cities/towns below to discover some of the amazing places where you can walk throughout the campaign OR check out some of our participant favorites outside of Cabarrus!

Have a favorite spot you think we should add? Let us know!
Email getmoving@walkcabarrus.com with your suggestions.

West Branch Rocky River Greenway

Hector H. Henry II Greenway

Downtown Concord