Midland Parks

Pharr Family Preserve Trail
9111 Mt Pleasant Rd S
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- 1.7 miles, one way
- Natural surface


Rob Wallace Park
12900 Bethel School Road
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- 143 acre park- Access Trail - 0.2 miles
- Upper Lake Loop - 0.31 miles
- Advanced Skills Area - 0.2 miles
- Beginner Skills Area - 0.03 miles
- Flower Trail - 1 mile
- Field Loop - 1.18 miles
- Powder Magazine Loop - 1 mile
- Quarry Loop - 0.74 miles
- Connector - 0.056 miles
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Childhood obesity is an increasing trend in many communities, including Cabarrus County. When the work began, approximately 34% of Cabarrus County residents ages 0-18 years were overweight or obese. Recognizing the potential impact of such a trend, Carolinas HealthCare System NorthEast commissioned development of a plan of action to study and make suggestions for changing this trend. With the help of professors from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte College of Health and Human Services Department of Public Health, an action plan was developed and presented that outlined general suggestions for addressing the problem.