UNC Nutrition Research Institute Takes Its Commitment to Health Seriously… On and Off Campus

The North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) in Kannapolis is filled with individuals dedicated to their mission of empowering human health through nutrition and lifestyle. Researchers from eight different UNC System universities make up this impressive campus, but the team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is taking extra steps to further that mission. And they’re counting all of them toward Walk Cabarrus!

While the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) is dedicated to understanding why there are individual differences in metabolism and nutrition requirements in an effort to enhance brain development and prevent diseases through targeted nutrition, its team members have also dedicated themselves to Walk Cabarrus—positioning their Group in the Top 20 on our overall leaderboard. Clinical Research Coordinator and Group administrator Julie Macon Stegall keeps the team motivated with occasional emails about their step total, monthly rankings, and more. She even promoted participation in Walk Cabarrus during a NRI-wide Zoom meeting, which gained their Group eight more walkers. If adding more walkers wasn’t impressive enough, Julie’s enthusiasm inspired the entire NRI to implement a structured wellness initiative modeled after Walk Cabarrus. Talk about empowering human health!

Julie Macon Stegall helped implement Walk Cabarrus throughout the NRI.

We absolutely LOVE seeing our walkers take initiative to promote our community-wide walking campaign not just for this year but for the future. Thank you for your fierce commitment to our cause, Julie! And while Julie is crushing it with her individual step total, she’s not the only one contributing to NRI’s over 6.4 million step total. She’s joined by research professors, PhD students, IT professionals, maintenance staff, and more at NRI. After all, it takes a total team effort to place so high on our leaderboard!

Dane uses the step conversion on our website to calculate his total after bike rides with his fiancée. Teresa tries to get out every evening to walk with a friend in downtown Kannapolis. She’s often in the Top 5 for the Group’s total steps. These are just a few examples of how NRI’s incredible team of walkers are getting their steps in every week.

We are so thankful for everything that the NRI and all the other universities at the NCRC do. Whether it’s conducting invaluable health research or being active members in our community, they’re certainly an asset to the city of Kannapolis and beyond. We are so thrilled to have them participating in and being leaders in our walking campaign.

Can your Group keep up with “UNC Nutrition Research Institute – Kannapolis” on the leaderboard? We challenge you to try! Julie and company are certainly up for it.

As always… Keep on walking, Cabarrus!

June 20, 2020: We are almost to our halfway point of 500,000,000 steps! Our goal is to reach 1 billion steps by December 31. Register today to start logging your steps toward our community total!

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