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We are challenging the entire community to
"Walk Cabarrus" and reach our #1BillionSteps goal! 👟😅

Walk Cabarrus is a community-wide walking campaign focused on creating a healthier community. This initiative was born out of the ChildrenWIN Steering Committee's goals and is an invitation encouraging people to get out and walk more. It is a campaign to get children walking, to have families walk together, neighbors, co-workers… everyone!

The Walk Cabarrus campaign is also an invitation encouraging people to get out and walk throughout our communities in Cabarrus County and all the places they can participate in active living. You might live in Concord or Midland, but have you ever ventured out to Kannapolis, Mount Pleasant, or Harrisburg? All of these towns make up our great community and we want you to experience all that Cabarrus County has to offer!

Individuals Leaderboard

Jul 1 - Jul 2

  • 1. Jeff Hollis 64,623 steps
  • 2. Bobby Klimas 50,000 steps
  • 3. Sylvia Anderson 49,904 steps
  • 4. Andrew Pierce 47,511 steps
  • 5. Robert Ruehlen 41,612 steps
  • 6. Ruthie Pierce 34,202 steps
  • 7. Mike Elam 33,265 steps
  • 8. Elizabeth McManus 32,350 steps
  • 9. Sarah Shackelford 29,860 steps
  • 10. Robert Kirk 29,556 steps
Groups Leaderboard

Jul 1 - Jul 2

  • 1. Kannapolis Cannon Ballers 145,140 steps
  • 2. Lantern Green Neighbors 120,698 steps
  • 3. Gem Theatre 82,520 steps
  • 4. Wonder Women 81,544 steps
  • 5. Duke CTSI TransPop 49,904 steps
  • 6. Rowan-Cabarrus YMCA 48,431 steps
  • 7. CCM Walkers 44,930 steps
  • 8. Sassy Sisters and friends 42,084 steps
  • 9. Yinzers 28,400 steps
  • 10. Rocky River Crossing Neighborhood 28,400 steps

The Challenge – One Billion Steps

We hope Cabarrus County is up for the challenge! That is, to be a healthy community AND to collectively walk #1BillionSteps in 2020 as part of Walk Cabarrus. Every new activity needs a goal and what better motivation then to join together as an entire community to walk #1BillionSteps together!

Log your steps online to count towards this amazing step goal. We will also be sharing stories on social media and email newsletters to keep everyone excited and involved!


Once you've pre-registered, create a group and invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join you in this county-wide challenge!

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